FIC: 3 Words - 3 drabbles (SPN, GEN & ADULT)
by Maygra
More prompts...traveller gave me: yellow, blue, green

yellow, blue, green

Sam's eyes are tired; the map lines of yellow, blue, and green blurring and fading into grays under the weak illumination of the flash light.

The night is black: no moon and clouds hide the stars.

He blinks and glances down again. "What road are we on?"

"I have no idea," Dean says, his tone unconcerned.

"Okay. What direction are we traveling?"

"East. Maybe south. Couldn't tell you."

Sam sighs. "I have no idea where we are."

"Right here, where we're supposed to be," Dean says with a glance and a grin.

It actually makes sense when he says it.

blue, green, yellow

The bruises on Sam's hips have spread, the colors fading into the smooth tanned skin. The center is dark, blue-black, almost purple. The mid-point blurs into a greenish crescent then fades to yellow.

Dean presses his thumbs hard against them and Sam hisses and jerks but doesn't pull away, eyeing Dean through heavy-lidded, sated eyes.

Dean grins and fits his hands just there, perfectly spaced. He bends his head and takes Sam's hard cock in his mouth, pressing down with hands and tongue. Sam bucks and moans, caught between the pain Dean's hands inflict and the pleasure his mouth offers.

green, yellow, blue

The woman behind the counter speaks decent, if accented, English. Sam is over trying to make their thinning reserve of cash go as far as he can.

Sam worries about money too much.

Brilliantly colored candles catch Dean's eyes. All of them have a picture of the Virgin Mary. He picks up a blue one.

"For Peace, senor," the woman says. "Yellow is for healing."


There are a lot of green ones.

"For money."

He swears the illustration of the virgin winks at him.

He glances at Sam. "I'll take two," he says.

He's always been lucky with women.