Fic: Triple Drabble - 3 prompts, 300 words: Adult-slash -- minor blood play
by Maygra
without_me gave me blood, air, feather

And then I cheated.

Blood, Air, Feather

The taste of his own blood is something Dean is familiar with. From belligerent demons and ghosts to bar brawls he sometimes starts just for the hell of it; the bitter-salt, tin-foil, copper bite of his own blood is familiar and even reassuring.

Dead men don't bleed.

Sam's blood is different. He knows it's probably his imagination, because blood is blood, right?

Sam's blood has a bright bite to it like tequila and limes; is heavy on his tongue like hot nights when the air is humid. Sam's blood in large quantities scares the hell out of him. Seeing it well into a wound or drip to his shirt makes Dean feel nauseated and weak, even if he's not the one injured.

Sometimes Sam bites his lip hard enough to bleed. He does it to keep from screaming as Dean fucks him hard and deep and slow. That blood is both promise and damnation. It's a reward for forcing Sam to feel something, especially when all Sam wants to feel nothing at all.

It's never much; a drop or two. Dean has to be quick to catch it before Sam licks it away or smears it across his hand. Sometimes he can only catch that bright smear on his thumb, smoothed and wiped away, feather-light because too hard and it will stop.

At some point Sam realized what Dean was doing; watched him wipe the tiny bead of blood away and suck it off his finger.

The next time he fucked Sam and reached for that blood, Sam stopped him.

He pulled the condom off and went after Dean's dick before Dean had gone soft.

His lip left a smear of blood on Dean's cock.

When Sam licked it off, Dean came harder than he ever had in his life.