The Salvation Futureverse by B. Stearns 
(a.ka. Gekizetsu) (with sidesteps by Maygra)
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All stories by B. Stearns (Gekizetsu) unless otherwise noted
Order is chronological for the series, not posting order.
Notes from B. Stearns

20 years later, things are so different that they're...still the same.
Summary of the series. 3163 words, PG

Pre-Salvation establishing stories 

  • Marked - Drama, pre series. Dean decides to get a tattoo but gets a lot more. 2542 words, PG
 The Month of Open Doors series (Angst, horror, humor.)
  • And Fools Shine On - Week one: nothing in his arsenal is going to save him from his brother. 12,199 words, R for language. 
  • If Belief Was Enough - Week two: the boys go looking for the entrance to hell. 24,720 words, PG13 to R for language. 
    • hidden scene: a rewrite of chapter 8 that Barb did for Maygra as a gift. It's incest,more the basis and framework of the physical intimacy that becomes a surrogate for the merging of souls.  Non-graphic erotica but still an R. 
  • Woven - Week three: lightning does strike twice. 32,741 words, PG13 to R for language. 
    • Heart & Hearth - Dean burns houses for a lot of reasons. Sam sifts ashes. Burning's just part of the cycle and goes on for a long time after the flames are out.  Coda to Woven, PG-13, 4790 words. This is a bridge of sorts 
  • The Goat in the Darkness - (by Maygra) Pre-Salvation 'verse: The Winchesters face the evil that's haunted their lives for nearly a quarter of a century. 13,457 words, PG.
    • Uninvited- Pre-Salvation 'verse: Revenge felt like exhaustion, in the end.13,208 words, R for language and violence. Meant as a coda to the Month Of Open Doors where it splits off into the Salvation AU, and as a companion to Goat In The Darkness. This is about two months after the latter and shoehorns a few SII things into the AU.


  • Someday, Someone’s Going To Pay Me To Do This    Salvation ‘verse ficlet, but pre-Salvation. Dean is still in school, and gets news. Sam fanboys his brother. 998 words, PG-13 for language.
  • Morning Came In The Meantime - Humor, future-fic. Sam and Sarah have their first baby, but Sam will always be Dean's kid. 1953 words, G 
  • All or Nothing - Danielle and Sarah talk about what it’s like to try house-hunting - or anything - with Dean. Character study. Whose? You decide.PG, 2254 words. 
  • Looking Like Lions - John Winchester handles his daughters-in-law the same; it’s how they react that’s different. For girlguidejones by request. PG, 1955 words.
  • Name Three Kids That You Even Know - Humor. Uncle Dean babysits. “They killed him,” Sarah whispered. “They showed no mercy.” 2886 words, G
  • The Real Meaning of Fear - Five Times Dean’s Daughter Scared the Hell Out Of Him . because it won’t shut up. Five drabbles about Dean and Charlie.
  • Once A Week, But For The Rest Of Your Life - Humor, drama. Dinner with a crowd of Winchesters usually involves weirdness. 2431 words, G
  • Happy Ending - Humor. Domestic Winchesters! 1150 words, G
  • O'er The Ramparts, We Watch'd - Humor. The Winchesters have always had a history of blowing shit up. 1434 words, PG
  • Finally Gets Home (by Maygra & Gekizetsu) - Drama. Dean shuts down and only Sam has the keys. Posted 5/16/2006 Mature Audiences (slash/het/incest) (10,091 words) 
  • This Bitter Cup - (by Maygra) - Drama. Coda to Finally Gets Home -- Dean and Sam understand some things they wish they didn't. Adult (Language) (1,756 words)
  • Puppy Dog Eyes - Humor. Dean watched it peel the pickles off. That's when he knew he was screwed. 1271 words, PG
  • Here There Be Monsters - Horror, humor. Dean and the girls end up hunting for more than candy on Halloween. 3987 words, PG.
  • How Are Your Sinuses? - Uncle Dean babysitting always makes it into the family lore. 
  • Sometimes, The Weapon Chooses You - Drama. Dean tries to teach one of the girls how to handle guns. 2005 words, PG
  • Do You See What I See? - posted 6/14/2007 (by Maygra) For Weesta and The Sweet Charity Auction.  Sam & little Mary, Dean. Mary teaches her father to see.  (8,741 words) Gen.
  • Salvation - 20 years later, things are so different that they're...still the same. Summary of the series. 3163 words, PG
  • I Can‘t Tell You, But You Know -happens just before Disinterment. Happy-shmoop. G, 921 words
  • This and More - The day after I Can't Tell You, But You Know and a good while before Disinterment. Happy-fic with a touch of angst (only the Winchesters know how to pull that off). John comes to visit. G, 1880 words, gen 
  • Disinterment - Horror, drama. Dean's current and former lives collide a little too hard and jeopardize everything - his career, his family, and his life.  22,070 words, gen, R for language, violence and gore.
    • Breakage- coda 2 - (by Maygra) Sometimes Sarah didn't want to know things. 
    • Skin Walker- coda 3 - (by Maygra) Sam knows what it feels like to live out of your own skin. (Drama, Sam/Sarah, NC17, het. 3,533 words
    • Listening- coda 4 - Yeah...I left a lot of things open in that tale on purpose, PG, 1111 words.
    • Second Nature - Coda 5 - Dean knows how he feels about everything and everyone, on a basic level, without talking about it. And then one event brings it all to the surface. 3800 words, PG for language and drama.
    • Defensible Space - Coda 6 - Another coda to Disinterment, part of the Salvation AU, since I left so many things open. I know, I know, sorry, this again. Sam cleans up several things and tries to calm down. 2112 words, gen, PG.
    • Beyond the Cursory - Coda 7 -  Allie gets The Talk. Then her dad and uncle feel each other up in the yard get a few things straight. Six weeks after Disinterment. PG-13, essentially gen, 4077 words.
    • Forest for the Trees - Coda 8 - It takes Charlie a few months after the events of Disinterment to run out of coping mechanisms, and when she finally does, her father can yell and yell, but one word from Sam is the end of the world. Gen, 6221 words, PG. 
    • Perspective  -  About a year and a half after Disinterment. Allie is 16 and has known something for awhile. Who better to trade secrets with than Dean? PG, 2210 words, gen.
  • Rock Of Ages - (by Maygra) All of the Winchester girls are special in their own way, but Leigh is the one who remembers. Gen, (Leigh, Sam, Sarah) (2,352 words)
  • The Story Hour - (by Weesta) Papa Winchester comes to dinner and is unprepared for after-dinner conversation. Gen. (John and everybody else.)
  • There Won't Be Any ConfusionThe littlest Winchester is six months old and it's making the adults a little trigger happy. 3382 words, PG for language. 
  • It's Funny Because It's True - Salvation ‘verse ficlet. Sarah and Dani talk over coffee, cookies, and Sam-John. 1321 words, G.
  • Shift - posted 9/21/2007. All audience.  Somtimes you have to take things apart to figure out how they fit back together again. (5,960 words)
  • Time's a'Comin' -  (By Maygra) End of Days. Promises to keep. Dean, Sam, and the generations that follow.  (1,889 words)
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Encompassing Gekizetsu's
Month of Open Doors  and  Salvation universes
used by permission (possibly by coercion)
Scrapbook is more concept than story; a series of snapshots, future, past, present in the Salvation universe. They are of varying lengths, various POV's, some more connected than others. (The first three or four particularly). If anyone wants to contribute actual photomanips or pictures to add/enhance the photo album feel of it, that would be lovely and appreciated. All stories by Maygra unless otherwise indicated.

Scrapbook - A Family Album

page 1 - When the Beauty Queen Surrenders Her Crown  - posted 8/18/2006 All Audiences (459 words)

page 2 - Overhead Like Ravens  - posted 8/18/2006 All Audiences (1,594 words)

page 3 - Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Conversations Drunk - posted 8/23/2006 Adult - Het (5,017 words)

page 4 - Lay Down Your Burden - posted 9/5/2006 All Audiences (6,280 words)

page 5 - Going to the Chapel of Love - posted 11/5/2006, All Audiences (4,224 words)

page 6 - Deck the Halls - posted 12/28/2006, All Audiences (3,743 words)

page  7 - Honey and the Moon - posted 04/09/07,  [Dean,  Sam/Sarah]  Adult - Het, (5,869 words)

page  8 - Heartbreaker - posted 9/23/2007 [Dean, Sam, Sarah & Leigh] (381 words)

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