Family Ways Part Three - Courting
by Maygra

Rating: Mature Adult for themes.
Warnings: Horror. Twisted and wrong. Underage Sex, Child abuse, Incest, Masturbation, reference to rape and murder…
Characters: Missy Bender, Lee Bender
Slight AU for The Benders

Note: I was enabled. This however, is not for everyone. Heed Warnings, please.

(2,790 Words)

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She had to get her chores done first. Wanted them done so Pa couldn't find any reason to change his mind. Not that he would, because he'd given his word, but…best not give him any reason to think any more on it.

Plus, if she got her chores done, she could get breakfast started, get Jarrod to let her take the food out to the cages. Pa said the way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Lee said the way was something else, and she thought he might be righter than Pa, at least as far as women were concerned. But even Lee said she cooked real good. Made biscuits like Momma did. Her bread didn't never fall no more, come out like a brick.

She was almost too excited to sleep anyway, thinking about that feller. She wasn't sure what it was that she liked so much about him. Maybe because he was younger than most of the men the boys dragged home. Maybe because his face had been smooth. She didn't get to see many smooth-faced young men. He'd had soft hair too, soft skin, although she had to be careful not to let her Pa know she'd already been close to the cage once to touch him.

She hadn't opened it. She wasn't stupid. Usually she wasn't that interested either, since Pa still wouldn't let her hunt with Jarrod and Lee. Made her mad. Wasn't like she couldn't outrun both of them when she wanted too. Quieter in the woods than them, too.

But the guns were heavy. So were the cross bows. Maybe she should start practicing with them, running and carrying them. Seemed like if she was old enough and big enough to do the gutting and skinning, she should be old enough to do the hunting and killing too.

She wasn't sure how she'd feel about hunting this one though. She might like to have his hair to pet, like Pa did Mama's, but nicer to do it if he could pet back, maybe. She felt her cheeks flush at that thought of that. Wondered what that would be like, to have a man touch her the way the boys touched their women.

Now Pa and the boys touched her; hugged her, patted her cheek, but it wasn’t the same. She'd watched Lee and Jarrod touch their women. Not so they'd know, of course. Jarrod was almost always nice and gentle. Made her madder at that stupid girl -- what was her name? Darla or Dana or something -- had up and killed herself when Jarrod had been mostly real nice to her.

Killed her baby too and that just made no sense at all. None.

Now Lee's women…Lee wasn’t near so nice. He was rough with them sometimes, made their mouths bleed and sometimes other places. But he could be nice, like Jarrod. At least, he'd been nice to her that one time.

Just that one time. But it had felt good. She'd let him do it again if he asked and he had asked her. That was something Lee didn't hardly ever do. Usually he just told her to do this, or get that. Well, unless Pa was there.

She didn't understand Lee hardly at all most days. Sometimes he could be sweet as Jarrod and other days, she wanted to hit him with a shovel or something, he was so mean and nasty to her. It wasn't like she'd told Pa anything, hadn't told him that Lee had asked to touch her or that she'd let him.

And it hadn't been much more than that, hardly more than he'd done when she was little and he'd given her a bath. He told her that, that he'd touched her like that when she was real young, But she didn’t remember it. Didn't ever remember his fingers on her breasts, certainly didn't remember her nipples getting all hard and kind of shivery like that. She'd liked that, the way that felt, made her feel all kind of shivery inside too, like when she touched herself.

She'd told him to touch her there, where she put her own fingers and it was so much nicer when he did it. She'd had to hold onto the sides of the toilet seat when he did it. His fingers were so much bigger than her and rougher -- felt wonderful. She'd gotten all excited and felt like she might faint…

Then he'd gotten all mad at her 'cause she'd peed. Wasn't like she meant to. She hadn't even known she had to pee when they'd started. But oh, boy, had he been mad. So mad, she'd started laughing -- which made him madder. But it was funny., him shaking his hand off like he'd grabbed up dog shit. But it was only piss. Wasn't like the livestock didn't piss on him all the time.

Still, she'd forgotten that Lee didn't like being laughed at anymore than she did. She thought for a minute that he'd hit her -- but she had looked at him, dared him. Because while she might not tell Pa she'd let Lee touch her, she'd sure as hell tell him if he hit her.

So he'd washed his hand off, and gotten up. "I'm sorry for laughing," she said before he could leave. She really wasn't, but she also wanted more of what Lee had been doing. It had felt like almost enough for something wonderful, but not quite. He hadn't quite gotten to her the way she'd managed a couple of times on her own and it was nice not to have to twist around. Nice not to have her wrist be tired. "Come on, Lee. I said I was sorry," she said.

Hadn't worked very well. She'd stung his pride. "I ain't 'sposed to be touching you anyway. Pa,'d kill me," he said.

She hadn't known that, and the minute Lee said it she knew he wished he hadn't. "You don't finish touching me like you were, and I'm gonna tell him anyway," she said, low and sweet. She meant it too. Wasn't her fault her brothers were stupid, didn't pay attention, didn't know how to work around Pa and his rules and his threats. "You know I will, Lee. And he'll believe me," she said.

He still looked like he wanted to hit her, but they both knew he wouldn't. "I won't pee on you again," she promised.

It hadn't take that long for Lee to get her to where she wanted to be. Just with his fingers. His fingers stroking between her legs and rubbing and pinching on her nipple. She'd bit her own lip to keep from crying out, because she didn't want Pa to know. He would stop it and while she'd have gotten Lee in trouble if she'd had to, she'd much rather have him doing this to her and Pa none the wiser.

And she had managed not to pee on Lee again. She'd also made him let her hold his penis in her hand. He hadn't wanted too, or so he said, but he'd been quick to pull it out of his pants when she asked.

She's seen it before, of course. Seen Jarrod's and even Pa's once. She'd watched Lee put his in that girl…the second one with the blonde hair. The one that had damn near kicked it off until Lee tied her feet. 'Course him being the big stupid he was then hadn't been able to put it where he'd wanted to. Hadn't stopped him though.

She didn't actually think a man's penis was supposed to go into that part of a woman's body. And then Lee getting all fussy because she'd peed a little bit on him? Her brother just made no sense at all at times.

Most of the time, though, she'd just seen their parts when they were taking a piss. When they were all kind of soft and floppy. But Lee wasn’t that day. His penis had felt hot and hard, too big for her to really hold easy in one hand, so she'd used both.

She'd almost laughed at him again for the faces he'd made. Like he was in pain but kind of like he did when he was drunk. All flushed and not able to talk right. "That feels good, don't it, Lee?" she asked him and he'd just nodded, reached out and gripped her shoulders, started pulling her toward him.

She hadn't known what he wanted at first until he'd reached down and held himself, pressed his penis against her mouth.

She'd been madder then a wet cat, spitting and pushing back, kicking him when he didn't let go immediately.

Then she'd dug her fingernails into his penis. That made him let go, and she had to quick, flush the toilet, so nobody would hear him yollering. "I'm not putting my mouth over your pee hole!" she'd hissed at him and slapped him hard before gathering up her clothes and her towels.

They'd glared at each other for a couple of days afterward.

But come Sunday, Lee was back, offering to bring her up more hot water for her bath, if she'd let him stay and watch. She'd said yes -- built them a truce. She didn’t let him touch her again that day…and not long after that…well, he stopped asking to watch her take her bath. And when she asked him, he only ever said he was busy.

Made her mad. Her own fingers weren't nearly as good.

She'd lay in her bed, thinking about the feller in the barn. He had nice big hands, bigger'n Lee's. Bigger than her Pa's even. And they did have calluses but not on his fingers, just his palms. Nicks and scratches on the back of his hands. She'd put her hand up against his and it had been so big there. It'd cover all of her breast and then some.

He'd had soft lips too. A little dry when she'd touched them, but they'd left water for him in a bowl and she'd moistened them, felt them full and soft.

She hadn't never kissed a boy, not even Lee. Nothing but her Pa's kisses on her cheeks, on her head when she went to bed. When she did good at shooting or like when she'd brought that deer down her self. A fine buck. Jarrod had made her a nice hilt for her very own knife with one of them antlers. They'd sold the rest -- folks getting all excited to have such a thing hanging on their walls.

She thought maybe she'd like to kiss that feller the way she'd seen Jarrod kiss his woman. Seemed like she liked it. Seemed like she liked Jarrod too, right up until the end, talking sweet to him. She'd talked sweet to Missy too, when she'd bring food, but always with the, "Untie me, Missy. Please. It's hard to eat with one hand."

Missy didn't think she'd really been all that nice. She'd grabbed for her once, grabbing for her hair. Missy had bit her hard, and the next time she brought her food, she'd had her knife. Wasn't right for her to be so mean when Missy was the one cooking her food and washing her clothes. Emptying her piss pot. Jarrod was supposed to but he kept saying he forgot. Hard to tell if he just didn't want to or if he really did forget. He did sometimes. Forgot things, words and such. Got confused. Always real grateful when Missy would help him out though. Brought her presents as thank-yous.

He'd brought that girl presents too. Pretty dresses, made her necklaces and things -- he was good with his hands, was Jarrod. Good at carving pretty things. Made the best whistles.

She'd asked Jarrod once, just once about the touching, after Lee wouldn't come around no more. He'd just shaken his head, told her no. Told her not to ask him again. "Ain't right, Missy. Pa would tell you it ain't right."

Pa and his rules. Sometime it made her so mad. But it didn't do no good to get mad at Pa. Made it worse. And she could get him to do what she wanted most days anyway. Could ease him out of the worst moods, something the boys couldn't do. But Missy could, all she had to do was ask him about Momma -- get him talking about her and it was like he couldn't stay mad. Well, not as mad.

He wasn't mad about this and Miss would hold him to his promise. And if she liked this feller well enough, maybe, maybe Pa would let her keep him for a bit. They could hobble him like they'd done Jarrod's girl. And if PA was still worried, well, they could hobble him but good, nice deep cut just below the knee. Wouldn't kill him if they stitched it up fast enough, kept it clean while it healed, but he wouldn't be able to run. Didn't want them hurting his hands though, or messing up that pretty face. That soft skin.

She closed her eyes and touched her own breast under her night dress, thought about his big hands touching her there, soft and gentle like Lee had. Drew her knees up, and touched herself, just close to her pee hole, rubbing hard, pinching herself till that shivery feeling came up again, making her tummy all warm and heavy. She liked that part, that feeling. Pressed a little harder, down where the babies would come out. She didn't know how babies came out of there, seemed too small, but that's what they said, that’s what them pictures in those pamphlets Pa had brought home had showed her.

That had been sweet of Pa…to sit her down when she started getting her blooding. He'd told her before, but it wasn't the same. Scared her at first, the blood there, on her sheets, on her dresses. Made for more washing, that was for damn sure.

"Your Momma would have talked to you about this, if she were still alive," he'd said in that voice, the one that made her sad, made her pet his arm and his face. "Sometimes I think I should have found a woman…had a hand in raising you," he said.

"You did just fine, Pa. You and the boys. I'm fine, see? And you don't need no other woman. I take care of you, don't I? Like Momma would? I do good, don't I?"

He smiled at her, petted her hair, gotten her brush and brushed it out for her. Jarrod said he used to do that for Momma. "You do real fine, sugar. You're as good a girl as any man could hope for."

That's when he'd promised. She could pick one…if she found one she liked. Only been a couple though, that the boys had brought home. Older fellers, mostly. Too rough, cussing and screaming and threatening and begging 'til she had to cover her ears.

And then this one, with his soft hair and his sweet face. Maybe Jarrod had picked him for her. Lee never would.

She twisted her hand a little, rubbed harder. So close. So close to something deep inside her. She pinched at her nipples until they hurt, felt the slick feel over her fingers. Not pee this time, this was different, silky smooth like spit but salty tasting. A flick of her thumb there and there and she had to bite her lip, whimpering 'cause it felt so good. Be his hand next time, his mouth on her maybe -- his mouth there.

Just putting that picture in her head made her all wet and shuddering and twisting, that feeling she couldn't hardly ever get to crashing over her, leaving her feeling wrung out and shaky.

She heard the rooster start up and made herself get up. Changed her night dress, feel the damp spot on her sheets.

If she wanted to be the one to take her beau breakfast, she was going to have to get her chores done. Get breakfast made quick. Sweet talk Jarrod into letting her go with him.

She put on her best blue dress, the one with the pretty stitching at the neck. The one with the pockets. Maybe she'd take that feller some of the berry jam she'd put up this year or some of the honey, to go with his biscuits. Be nice to him.

She could be real nice to him. Let him know that if he were nice to her in return…well…

Maybe she could keep him.

He'd been alone. Wasn't right for folks to be alone, needed family. Maybe he would want to stay.




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