Title: Through My Brother's Eyes  Three Drabbles
Author: Maygra
Rating/Genre: Gen/Gen
No pairing, no warnings, no spoilers

There will be times on this journey
All you'll see is darkness
Out there somewhere daylight finds you
If you keep believing
~~ Look Through My Eyes, Phil Collins

The cord was wrapped so tight Dean thought he'd have to cut it. Only Sam didn't have that kind of time; he was barely getting air now.

Dean dug his fingers beneath the cord and found the tangle. Pulling it over Sam's head, he had caught Sam before he hit the floor. Sam drew another shaky breath, reaching up to grip Dean's arm weakly. Shaky, but not with that horrible rasping sound.

He fucking hated this house.

Hated it. It had taken his mother. In some ways it had taken his father too. It was not, not getting his brother.


Sam was breathing easier, his grip firmer, still leaning into Dean though. And Dean could have sat there for longer except they weren't finished. "Come on, Sam. We're not done," he said, and pushed himself upward, pulling Sam too.

What he really wanted to do was stay here for just a couple more minutes and hang on. Make sure Sam was all right, let him know that Dean felt all the things he couldn't say.

Dean pulled away but Sam held onto his arm, squeezing it. "Thank you," he said.

Dean nodded. Good enough. Maybe Sam didn't need the words.


She was gone. Sam wasn't sure she'd been real.

A glimpse at Dean's face settled his doubts. Dean had never looked so lost, or so scared. Dean remembered her like Sam didn't. They'd never been able to share that. They shared the same mother, but not the memories of her.

And now she was gone again and Sam felt the loss sharply. He wanted to know her, like Dean had, even if it was only a child's memories.

Dean got control of himself and met Sam's gaze.

Sam realized he did know her. She was right there in Dean's eyes.