Fic snippet: Passing Go (SPN/TFATF) GEN

This is absolutely not what Bone meant with her three words (fast and furious), but it's what she got.

Passing Go
Spn/Fast and the Furious
by maygra

Sam loves Stanford.

But as much as Sam wants to be here, is glad to be here, he finds the Stanford Campus bewilderingly confusing.

Dean will laugh his ass off when Sam tells him how often he got lost his very first week.

He's got a map, but the buildings, for all that they look different and are marked, are arranged in no real order he's been able to figure out. He's not even sure he can find his dorm room.

He's looking for a landmark, any landmark that he can start over from, glancing around when he sees a girl watching him, half smile on her face.

"You look lost."

He grins and nods. "I'm totally lost. I've got this map…but…"

She comes closer. She's slim and dark, with shiny brown hair and a vaguely Hispanic undertone to her skin. Her smile is blinding and wry as she looks at the map. "What are you looking for?"

"Uh, Forsyth Hall? I have a class here tomorrow and wanted to make sure I can find it."

She turns around and points. "See that building there, and the one behind it? That's Forsyth."

"Thank you. Really."

"Not a problem," she holds out her hand. "I'm Mia. Mia Toretto. Pre-Med."

Sam shifts his books and takes her hand. "Sam Winchester. Pre-law, well, I will be.….Uh…"

She grins again. "Do you have a class now?"

"No. Nothing for the rest of the afternoon."

"Then how about I give you a tour?"

Sam ducks his head and smiles. "That would be great. about I buy you lunch?"

Mia smiles at him and hooks her arm through his. "That would be even better."



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