Monday, December 29, 2008

Gracious Me...

Tempted to let this year go without a whimper, as well it should, the scurvy dog, but that would be denying that anything at all good happened, and that's just wrong.

So, for the fast year in review and a mix of good and bad, more or less chronologically.

1. The erstwhile (thank you AuK!) got a job. Not a great job but steady and regular and not overtaxing for her health and condition. Also, possibly to join union, which could mean healthcare, finally. YAYS!!

2. Was finally rid of the tenant from hell. I'm still close to $5K in the hole thanks to that particularly delusional and sociopathic personality, but my blood pressure surelu did come down. Score 1 for the health benefits of getting rid of toxic personalities.

3. HAH! Cancer 2, Me //bats it out of the park//. I'd say I feel like a survivor but I don't. Wasn't anything so dramatic, but I'll give myself points for having actually stuck with the surgical treatments and the insane amount of testing from May through October. I gave myself the last two months off. Everything's healing nicely and I'll dive back in after the new year...I'm only now dealing with the emotional side of all that -- hence the long silence. It's getting better.

3b. Also to the good...*cough* some 30lbs lighter than when I started. Not my first choice of a diet regimen, but knees are certainly happier with me now.

4. NIECES!! \0/ Score TWO!! No pics but arrival of two healthy, if early, adorable twin girls to Nephew Number 1 and his wife. No year can be totally bad when new ones come into it.

5. New Washer! Okay washer yay! 'cause the old one finally called for a cab to the old appliance home, which was not so yay. Not an expense I really needed, but still: Ooooh. New. Shiny. Power Tool. //pets//

6. Kittens!! Also like the washer, not really a change desired, but still...KITTENS!!

7. Best friends in the world...from start to finish, bar none, for the flowers and cards and jokes and airfare, and company, 4 days in Baltimore, outrageous, awesome wonderfully generous, each and every one.

8. Second Life: which is a huge time suck!! OMG...such a time suck and yet...has kept me engaged and entertained and distracted and led me to a whole new set of people and potential friends. Also Fashion! Like I could never wear! Or afford! House of My dreams! Time spent with my girl, Cai! Nameless! La Reve! Rez! Botanica!

But mostly fun. I may not be writing, but I am having *fun*.

I have a half dozens draft posts save in her from the last 6 months...some just waiting for a spell if yo use back dated commentary, that would be why.

That's it...maybe more later because I would like to talk about 2L, which has been a huge thing for me since July (yes, about the time the first diagnosis came in.)



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