Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 can kiss my ass -- 2008 is the year of the Rat, and it's MINE!!

December 2006
Laid Off after 15 years. Meh.

January 2007
Fic-Writing on the Wall (Reaper 'verse, Dean/Sam, PG13)
Fic-Speaking in Tongues (Dean/Sam, Reaper 'verse, Adult)
Fic-Uncut and Unmannerly (TFATF, Dom/Brian, Adult)

The Death of a Friend

Fic-Six Ways to Sunday (SPN, Gen, Dean & Sam. Nightshifter coda)

One Funeral and a New Job


The great apartment clearing party. Now with cat.

Sweet Charity

Fic-Never Use a Rock for a Hammer (Never Verse, R, Dean/Sam)
Fic-Never Tell a Joke Without a Punchline (Dean/Sam implied, R)
Fic-Never Promise Me a Rose Garden (Dean/Sam, R)
Fic-Never Talk To Strangers - part one (Dean/Sam, R, Miracles xover)

Fic-Never Talk To Strangers - part two (Dean/Sam, R, Miracles xover)
Fic-Never Talk To Strangers - part three (Paul Callan, Dean/Sam, R, Miracles xover)
Fic-Never Talk to Strangers - part four (Paul Callan, Dean/Sam, R, Miracles xover)
Fic-Scrapbook - a family album : Page 7 - Honey and the Moon (Salvation 'verse, Sam/Sarah, Dean, R)
Fic-Never Talk To Strangers (part five) -(Dean/Sam, Paul/Alva R, Miracles xover)
Fic-Hemingway Never Slept Here (Dean/Sam, NC17, Schmoop)

1 year older

New Car!
Loss of an Uncle - and returning to my childhood

Fic-Someday (AHBL 2 Coda - Gen. Dean, Sam, PG)

Fic-Time's a'Comin' (Salvation 'verse, Dean, Sam, All audiences)

Incest Wank

Fic-Do You See What I See? (Gen. Sam & Mary, Dean - Salvation 'verse)
Fic-Dead Man's Curve (SPN: Dean/Sam, NC17)
Fic-Balisong, no murmur. (SPN, Dean/Sam, NC17)

The Frog Arrives

Race Imbroglio
Pay it Forward

If I'm ever this sick again, just shoot me.


Fic-Second Sight: For How Shall I Endure, all audiences, future-fic, angst.

Jaredina arrives

Sweet Charity Part 2 now with Tea

Fic-Shift (Salvation future verse, all audiences)
Mini-nanowrimo gear up

Coolness part 1 - dvd commentary on "Hemingway Never Slept Here"
Coolness part 2 - Reap the Wild Wind - audiofic
Coolness part 3 - Spnroundtable
Not so cool - Tenant From Hell Moves in
Hello My Ulcer
WINCON!! Now with 50% more fangirls!

Fic-A Year and a Day - part one

Mini-nanomowrimo or The Month That Ate My Brain

Fic-A Year and a Day - part 2 through 19

Nephew 1 - Brain Tumor 0 \o/

Best gift ever - Mag7 trilogy bound and beautiful

Fic-Timestamp fic #1 - Changes for Raynedanser, TFATF, PG, Dom/Brian
Fic-Timestamp fic #2 - Home (Star Trek AU - Original Characters) for the mole
Fic-Timestamp fic #3 - Too Much to Know - Salvation verse, PG, Leigh & Sam
Fic-Timestamp fic #4 - Cowboys, Mag7-ATF, Vin, for Cee

Many presents & Cards & MUCH LOVE OMG!

Goodbye to Rosie the wonder dog.

Fic-Timestamp fic #5 - SPN-Second Sight: And It Shall Come To Pass (Dean, Sam, PG)

The office move that wasn't horrible.

Still here.


What's not in this list are most of the disasters personal medical and financial that seemed to crop up every damn week to the point where I just couldn't post about them anymore except to people who are very good with sealing wax and kitestring at helping me hold it together. I'm in that weirdest of all places where I have a job I adore but it isn't really enough to make ends meet and the tenant I thought might help ease that has turned into a financial and very possible legal quagmire that's sucking my energy almost as fast as it's eating my income. I've spent the last three months being spectacularly angry and depressed -- a duality of existence I wasn't even sure was possible. It will get better one way or another, up to and including my putting my house on the market just to be rid of her.

Which isn't to say there hasn't been some good things this year. My friends -- first and always. I've written a good deal more than I realized and I got to see people I adore both at Escapade and at Wincon. There is no bad in that. My family is by and large doing well despite some scares and this was the first Christmas since my mother died that I have spent most of it crying. I still miss her, and much of the Christmas decorations I have belonged to her -- but still, it was quiet and peaceful and exactly what I needed.

I've lost some dear people this year, most of whom I wasn't close enough to geographically or financially viable enough to be able to make my final good-byes to. And two very dear friends lost parents this year and I can only empathize and hope they know I'd do anything to make it easier, having been there already.

I said it before Christmas and in the past week, it hasn't changed: 2007 is a year I am glad to see the backside of. I'm going to have to make some tough decisions in the first part of 2008 -- including whether I can go to Escapade unless the rest of my life straightens itself out. I've made it this far largely due to the love and support and kind generosity of my friends. That's pretty much the only thing I'm clutching to my chest about the past year and running into the new one with as fast as I can.

Tonight I'm eschewing a gathering of local friends because my ulcer has decided it wants its share of new year's attention. (My own fault -- far too much caffeine and not enough sleep lately.)

Despite this past year's stress, I still have a roof over my head and options that may be difficult but are neither dire nor things I can't recover from. I'm not sure if the decisions I have to make are opportunities in disguise or tests of character. I guess I'll find out.

However, 2008 is the year of the Rat -- We rats are tenacious, pragmatic, and adaptable.

So, this, my friends, is my year.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Organization for Transformative Works

The Organziation for Transformative Works is a nonprofit organization established by fans to serve the interests of fans by providing access to and preserving the history of fanworks and fan culture in its myriad forms.

Needless to say, it's launch has created a stir in some circles like John Scalzi's blog, Boing Boing, and others, but the discussion on Scalzi's blog is probably the most active and informed -- or mis-informed depending on how you want to look at it.